Find The Heaviest Of Chili Peppers

Heat can be very good, but the nasty pain in the stomach and heart can make a chili to be a pain in the ass. Knowing how hot chilies are, one might think they would be a welcome addition to the repertoire of food that is spicy, hot and pungent. But the truth is that not all chilies are created equal. That’s why knowing how to choose a good chili is so important.

Find The Heaviest Of Chili Peppers
Find The Heaviest Of Chili Peppers

Which Is The Hottest Chili?

The hottest chilli is the Tabasco chilli which comes from Mexico. With its high heat index (IH), it will create a very good amount of heat without causing too much pain. It comes from the same plant as the Carolina Reaper chilli that has a lower IH.

Pepper’s heat is measured by its brightness. Hot means bright, mild means muted and medium means medium. The brighter the chilli, the hotter it is. There are a few varieties that are bright, such as the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chilli, but most are in the middle, making them milder.

The colour of the chilli also plays a huge factor in its heat. Milder chilli have a yellowish or pinkish hue to them. These come from Central America. Not only do they taste sweet, but they are very tasty, especially when cooked with beans and rice.

The most well known and most popular is the Mexican habanero, the smoky chilli. It comes from an Indian plant called Capsicum annuum but grown in South America. The name habanero actually derives from a Spanish word for “seized”sick”. It was first used by explorers who described the plant’s fiery smell, but the use of the term “habanero” did not become popular until the 19th century.

More Varieties of Chili

Find The Heaviest Of Chili Peppers
Find The Heaviest Of Chili Peppers

Another variation of the milder chilli is the Habanero pepper which comes from New Mexico. When smoked, the smoke makes the chilli burn more evenly and add a stronger smokiness to the chilli. The habanero is quite distinctive with its reddish skin, though some people argue that it is not the hottest. It can be very sweet or extremely spicy.

The St. Augustine pepper is also grown on the St. Augustine plant. It is slightly hotter than the habanero but not by a lot. Some people claim the St. Augustine is the hottest of all the chilli peppers, but they do not specify how hot.


By being able to identify the hottest chili peppers, it will be easier to choose the best chili for your meal. Weigh out the amount of your meal that needs to be cooked and the amount that you like to have on the table. and start reading recipes. baking some up to get an idea of what you want to eat. want to make. make your own chili peppers from the different varieties available to the cheaper ones. get a recipe online and create a tasty and affordable chili sauce of it.

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