Types Of Hottest Peppers In The World: Things To Know About


When it comes to buying the pepper, numerous varieties of spices are available in the market. Some spices are consumed in their real form and some after completely drying them. From all the available spices, pepper is being the one consumed in both dried and green forms. There are many hottest peppers available in this world. You will be surprised to know that the options to purchase the hottest peppers are so extensive that you will not even be able to remember the name as well.

So, here we will help you know all about the hottest peppers.

Types Of Hottest Peppers In The World: Things To Know About
Types Of Hottest Peppers In The World: Things To Know About

Varieties Of Hottest Peppers Are:

Hottest Peppers Carolina Reaper:
This pepper is one of the hottest peppers in the world. In appearance, you will notice it has a stinger tail which somewhat resembles the tail other peppers have. But the taste of this pepper is something you cannot explain in words. The amount of heat in this pepper is so high that no other pepper can beat it at any cost. But the flavor it offers to the meals is something different which other peppers can’t do justice.

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion:
This pepper is the world’s second hottest pepper available. You will get surprised to know that the hotness and taste of this pepper are so high that your tongue can’t forget it for long after consuming. Moreover, according to the report of 2019, this isn’t only the hottest pepper but the taste is much different as well. Known to add extra flavor to food. This pepper somewhat looks like other peppers available, but it varies in shape. If you want, you can consider to buy it but make sure it matches your taste.

Types Of Hottest Peppers In The World: Things To Know About
Types Of Hottest Peppers In The World: Things To Know About

7 Pot Douglah:
This is another hottest pepper available in the world. The most astonishing part of this pepper is that you can use it to cure some of the health problems. Some researchers have stated that if you are consuming this pepper, you do not just add the best taste to your food but your body will start benefitting from it as well. And that health advantage is – the pepper will keep the germs of cancer away from you.

7 Pot Primo:
This pepper is called so because of its appearance, which somewhere resembles a pot. But apart from it when it comes to the taste, it is so spicy that it will make you go wild and will also let you suffer for no reason. These peppers are known to be among the hottest peppers available.

Things To Know:

So, when you are looking forward to buying any of these peppers, it is a must to ensure that you are ready to consume these hot peppers. Only go for them if you can bear hot and spicy food. If your body isn’t used to spicy food, these peppers might damage your digestive tract. Additionally, in case you want to consume it as a kind of medicine to keep the unwanted problems away go for it only after consulting the dietician to consume in an adequate amount.