Mixed Spice In British Food: What And How To Make?

Mixed Spice In British Food: What And How To Make?

Spices enhance the taste, and without spices, we can not imagine a delicious dish. However, the spices have a range of combinations, and you can also make the spice mixture in your kitchen according to your taste. Well, people in British use the particular kind of spice that is mixed spice. However, many call this mixed spice as a pudding spice. In British cooking, this mixed spice is an essential ingredient, and people often use it. It a blend of all frequently used spices in a powder form. You can add mixed spice in cake, pudding, and many backed products that you usually make at Christmas. However, anyone can quickly get this spice from Britain’s shops, but it isn’t straightforward to get this spice outer. 

Mixed Spice In British Food: What And How To Make?
Mixed Spice In British Food: What And How To Make?

What Is Mixed Spice?

Mixed spice is a mixture of all British ingredients that people frequently use in baking. However, the mixture is blended in a powder form, and hence you can increase or decrease the amount of particular spice according to the interest. Moreover, you can add any ground spices in this blend. You can add caraway, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, coriander seeds, cinnamon, mace, and allspice. 

When you mix all the ingredients, you can not substitute any one flavor. Because the character will come from all the spices, and it tastes fantastic. Allspice is a Pimenta Dioica’s unripe, dried fruit. Also, allspice is also known as pimento, Turkish yenibahar, pepper, Jamaica pepper, myrtle pepper, or new spice. 

The Spruce Or Lindsay Kreighbaum.

Origins Of The Blend

Well, the blend of powdered spice has a long history. The first cookbook that includes this name was unusual because people recognized it as a sweet spice. “The Practice Of Cookery” is the cookbook of Mrs. Frazer and was launched in 1795. In Frazer’s cookbook, she has mentioned the recipe of blend and listed all the ingredients you can add. 

What The Bend Taste Would Be

Mixed spice of British has a spicy flavor with a sweet tone, and it is also warm like gingerbread spice. However, it is the best suitable for winter as it has the perfect taste for seasoning. 

Cooking With Mixed Spice

However, all the ingredients you add in this blend have a sweet taste, and hence the flavor of this powdered blend is delicious with cinnamon tone. Bakers use it frequently. You can also use it for seasoning the fruit dishes and combine it with any fresh ingredients. 

 Recipes With Powdered Blend

Traditional British Christmas cake

Christmas pudding

Hot cross buns


Well, these spice products are available in cellophane packets or glass jars, and you should store them in a dry and cool place. Keep the pot or containers away from direct sunlight.

Mixed Spice In British Food: What And How To Make?
Mixed Spice In British Food: What And How To Make?

 How to Make Mixed Spice

Measuring is essential because you have to add all ingredients in balance to maintain the tone of the blend. 

Take all the ground spices: mace, ginger, cinnamon, coriander, allspice, nutmeg, and clove in quantity of one tablespoon.

Take a medium-sized bowl or container. Mix all ingredients and keep them in an airtight glass jar. You can use this blend for three months.