Sauces: What Type Of Sauce Should You Use For Steamed Meals?


We’ll tell you the best type of sauce you should be using in a steamer basket. It’s only used for a very short period of time, so make sure you use it up before your tenderloin has an allergic reaction to it. You will want to use a sweet white sauce that’s mild in flavor and has no added sugars.

I’m sure you have heard about certain things that should never be used as a sauce. Since we’re talking about vegetables, I won’t mention what those are. You can make a pot of wonderful vegetarian sauces and spice it up for great taste. There are some sauces that are prepared with some ingredients that you’d never think could taste good as sauce.

Type Of Sauce
Type Of Sauce

For example, the word “hot sauce” probably sounds like something that would make someone gag, but it’s actually something that come from Brazil. When you cook with it, you get a really good tasting, hot tomato sauce.

How To Prepare

When you are preparing this sauce, just make sure that you don’t use the most hot peppers because the hotter the peppers are, the longer they take to cool down. Pepper is definitely not the way to go when it comes to making a sauce, so we will stick to using hot peppers in our recipes.

You can try putting honey on top of your sauce, but I wouldn’t use it if you aren’t going to be using the sauce with a whole chicken. This isn’t the best thing to use for your recipe either. When using vinegar, always use a seasoned wine sauce.

Sometimes you want a bit of heat in your sauce so you can use a little bit of chili powder. These two spices combined are very powerful and have a good effect on the taste of your sauce. Just be careful not to add too much or your chicken won’t taste the same as it normally does.

Type Of Sauce

So, what type of sauce should you use? Well, the best thing to use is some kind of a sweet white sauce because it really can enhance the taste of your steamed foods.

Some of the most popular sauce recipes considered to be buffalo wings sauce, sweet garlic sauce, and mushroom cream sauce. Those are just a few of the sauces you can use and in order to get the best results you want to prepare your own sauce so that you can control the ingredients you use.

Easy To Make

It’s really easy to make sauces using your food processor or blender. You do not even need to spend money to get the stuff from market. To start off, you want to prepare the carrots, celery, onion, and your pepper and garlic until it becomes a paste.

Next, you’re going to blend these into the sauce using the high heat of your sauce and the blender, and eventually just puree it until it has a good consistency. Next, you’re going to add your seasoning to the sauce, and while it’s pureed, you’re going to mix in a half cup of flour and make sure you stir the flour in slowly.

Sauces: What Type Of Sauce Should You Use For Steamed Meals?
Sauces: What Type Of Sauce Should You Use For Steamed Meals?

Finally, mix in your sour cream and spread it over the top of the sauce to create a special sauce that you just created. This sauce accentuates the taste of whole chicken, burgers, and you can also use it with beef and pork as well.

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