Spice Rice: Recipe And Process

Spice Rice: Recipe And How To Prepare It

Spicy foods are enjoyed by a lot of people. The different flavors of spices, mixed with salt and pepper, help to give the exact taste that we desire. Spice Rice is a recipe that is loved by all. It is very easy to make and adds various flavors to the pale white rice one has every day. It is an item one enjoys anywhere and everywhere. The richness of the spices and the taste is one of a kind.

Spice Rice: Ingredients

Spice Rice: Recipe And How To Prepare It
Spice Rice: Recipe And How To Prepare It

There are various ingredients one needs in order to prepare the dish. However, the parts are:

•             Two cups of Rice (white rice, steam)

•             One spring curry leaves

•             Half tablespoon coriander powder

•             One tomato chopped (finely)

•             One-fourth teaspoon turmeric powder

•             One-fourth teaspoon red chili powder

•             One medium-sized onion (chopped)

•             One-fourth teaspoon garam masala powder

•             One pinch of asafoetida

•             One green or red chili (chopped)

•             One and a half tablespoon oil

•             Salt (as required)

•             Half tablespoon fennel powder

•             Three beans, chopped

•             Coriander leaves (optional as for garnishing)

These are the ingredients one needs to prepare an extremely delightful dish.

Spice Rice: Recipe And How To Prepare It
Spice Rice: Recipe And How To Prepare It

Spice Rice: Directions Or Steps To Make The Recipe

There are various steps to make this dish. It takes a total of about 2minutes to prepare the ingredients. After a total of fifteen minutes, spice rice is ready and cooked.

Step 1

In a large pan, heat one tablespoon of butter and add in cumin seeds, fennel seeds, and curry leaves. Cook the ingredients and add in a pinch of asafoetida and a spoon of mustard.

Step 2

While the ingredients in the pan are cooking, add in half tablespoon of ginger-garlic paste, one green chili, and half onion. The ingredients should sauté well.

Step 3

In the next level, add tomato and cook it till it turns soft and greasy. However, add in the vegetables which are chopped already and cook for five minutes.

Step 4

Now add in one-fourth of tablespoon turmeric, three-fourth tablespoons of chili powder (red), half tablespoon garam masala, and one tablespoon coriander powder.

Step 5

Sauté and mix until the oil starts to release from the spices. Then add in the two cups of steamed rice and a tablespoon of salt. Mix the rice with the cooked vegetables and spices delicately.

Step 6

The mixture after adding rice must be sautéd well. However, after some time cover it with a lid and let it is rest for some time. The spiced rice is ready, and one should serve it while adding coriander leaves to garnish the rice.

Spice Rice: Conclusion

Spice Rice is a fantastic dish that serves the purpose of tasty food and for regular eating. Moreover, it is also nutritious. The nutrition value of the food is high. Rice is one of the most favorite dishes of people around the world. Many people prefer to consume rice daily. Cooking a spice rice recipe is not rocket science. However, try this fantastic recipe, and you will love it. Prepare the spiced rice for dinner and add nutrition value to your kids’ diet.

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